Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ch Ch Changes

Ode to the South...

Your fried green tomatoes wooed me.  
Greasy, green, goodness. 
I didn't want to love you with your complicated history and humidity




I'm leaving just as I begin to get your country lyrics and your pride, 

your banana puddin'
best served warm

Thank you for your patience with this Western girl. 

I'll be trading cotton for cactus soon, 
but taking dear friendships back to my mountains with me. 

AL to AZ, the adventure begins in June.

I logged onto my blog today and realized that a huge, major, life-altering change hadn't been documented.

If I'm keeping this blog for posterity then this move really should be on here.  It all happened so fast. We're waiting in Utah, a state of limbo, while we wait for licenses and home inspections.  We've seen so many tender mercies and know this will be a good change for our family. I may catch up someday with the blog posts of this summer.  For now, Instagram will have to do. 

PS. I need a new name for this space since we will no linger live in "the land of cotton".  I was thinking something like, Party of 5, or On the Border... Borderline?  Agh! Help, the few of you reading this. I'm open to suggestions. 

Blogging again soon from Arizona,