Friday, February 26, 2016

Ben 10

Ben 10!!!  Double digits!!!  I cannot believe he can be this big, but I am loving every minute of his maturity, responsibility, and sense of adventure!

It feels like birthdays have been sneaking up on me lately.  It seems I always have an excuse as to why I wasn't more prepared/organized for the actual party.

Being on the heels of an unexpected two weeks in Utah with Baby Joe, this party was no exception, but in true Marturello fashion, we pulled it off.  Luckily, 10yr olds are pretty forgiving.

There were cartouches, and golden circlet collars. Mummy tag and his very own game...'Pharaoh 500'. Cuffs, chocolate pyramids (ala Toblerone), and a treasure hunt ending in a sarcophagus piƱata.  All his ideas and all more or less brought to fruition. 

Yes, Pinterest has a tutorial on "how to make the perfect pyramid cake", I didn't see it until the cake was already baked and frosted. Just one of the many things I feel could have been better, but I did have a few moms tell me after the fact that their kiddos really enjoyed it and that it was, in fact, "awesome".  Ben himself was completely satisfied and really, he planned most of it himself, so that's what matters! 

A huge shout out to a dear friend that saved the day with her creativity and pair of extra hands.  Thanks, Wend!!  We seriously could not have done this without your help.  

Happy birthday, Ben!  Maybe let's start planning for your 11th right now, so at least we know how to bake the cake!