Monday, August 29, 2016

Alan's Baptism

After jumping through some hoops, Alan was finally given permission to be baptized in Utah.  We were able to celebrate his special day with family and friends.  We even got to snap some pics at the Ogden temple grounds.   I know he felt so special that afternoon.  He brought his new scriptures and we even snuck over to Farr's for a double dip cone after.

Sunday, we met in the font room. The same room where I was baptized and confirmed 30 years ago. Ben was also baptized there.  I love the idea of the saints who sacrificed to build this building, wanting there to be a font even though it wasn't a Stake Center. 

We celebrated after with some good eats and cake and ice cream, per Alan's request. 

He confessed to me that he felt like Superman after this shot. We talked about how our baptismal covenants make us feel and about whether the water would be cold and about how licorice ice cream is seriously the best flavor... I hope he will remember his baptism forever. 
Way to go Alan, it's great to be 8!!