Monday, March 9, 2015

Character Parade

Their principal is a new character every year.  This year, Amelia Bedilia.

You could almost tell the grade levels by their characters.
Kindergarten definitely embraced Pinkalicious and the Cat in the Hat.

The boys had their annual character parade last Friday.  Everyone comes dressed up as their favorite book character.  They have to bring the book along with them, and while some kids chose the book just so they could dress up like their favorite character (Ahem, Elsa, and Darth Vader) Alan and Ben chose their charter because of their favorite books.

Sherlock made another appearance.  I'm so glad we got double use out of this costume.  Alan chose to be Gerald from the Elephant & Piggy series by Mo Willems.  He desperately wanted Sadie to be Piggy, but in the end he settled for a word bubble that said, "Piggy, we are in a parade!"

There's an assembly at the end of the parade with teacher games and music.  This year featured a really cool 'life-size' Jenga game and a musical parody of 'All about that Bass'.  My kids came home singing, "because it's all about those books, 'bout those books, keep readin'..." Well, all except Sadie who slept through the entire thing.

There's also an awards ceremony for the kids who really embrace their costumes.  Ben won for his grade level for the second year in a row.  He's really enthusiastic about his characters.  Last year, Bilbo Baggins, and now Sherlock Holmes.  The librarian caught me afterwards and said she couldn't wait to see what he's interested in next year.

We'll see...whatever it is I hope it doesn't require too much creativity in the costume department.


  1. Piggy I bet I can get them to read this comment..... Haaaa you did, you did just read this comment! Alan gets a thumbs up from our household of book character choice and you get a thumbs up from me on your awesome character deliveries!

  2. I love it. Such great costumes. Congratulations Ben! I'll call you next time I need a case solved.

  3. LOVE elephant and piggy books!!! We might need to read some Sherlock holmes. Noah might like those.....