Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How to Kill an Hour

Most Wednesdays I find myself joining Sadie for a quick car nap while waiting for the boys to finish piano.  There are a few weeks, however, when sleep fails to find her on our drive across town and then I know exactly what to do with that precious hour.  We hit the thrift stores that are so conveniently located by their teacher's house.

It's a quick break from our normal routine and the thrill of the hunt is always exciting.  Three finds from today... Leather booties, a twirly dress (possibly for Halloween?) and a funky yellow lamp. Everything for less than $15. 

We always end up back in front of the house with a few minutes to spare.  Precious minutes I use to knit or read.  Today, both were in the car.  It was a tough choice.  Next time I need to bring a book on tape.  That way I can do both.

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