Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Candy Bomber Christmas

At the library recently, a flyer caught my eye with the statement, "come dressed in your best 1940's attire or uniform."  I did a double take and saw it was actually advertising an activity about Col. Gail S. Halverson, the Berlin Candy Bomber. 

We made it to the community center just in time.  The children entered behind a fence where a man pretending to be Mr. Halverson described the scene in Berlin July of 1948.  He offered them two sticks of gum and asked what they would do with only two sticks because there were so many kids behind the fence.  They immediately broke them in half and shared until everyone had a miniscule piece of Wrigley's Doublemint. We learned this same behavior prompted the Candy Bomber's actions after the war.

After a short film they made their own parachutes, wrapped their own candy packages, made paper chains, and decorated a cookie.  But the best part was the "airfield".  A room with airplanes, paper and balsa wood, and plenty of space to practice flying and dropping parachutes.

I loved how this story inspired a Christmas activity even though it happened during the summer.  Ben and Alan came home asking tons of questions about Germany, and history and even wanted to look at the WWII uniforms tucked away in the coat closet. Merry Christmas, Mr. Halverson! Thank you for being an inspiration of giving this season! 


  1. It's an amazing story. Sidenote--Mr. Halverson was stationed in Germany while my dad was a youth there. And he baptized my dad when he was 18. :)

    1. What a cool story, Wend!!! Thanks for sharing that with us!