Friday, March 18, 2016


I'll admit, I was nervous when one of my very best friends asked if she and her daughter could come to AZ and visit over Spring Break.  Not nervous for the company, but nervous because way down here, there's not much to do.  Thankfully their main goals were to see "a real desert" and do some thrifting.  Two things I was happy to say I could easily provide. 

We found our way to Saguaro National Park.  Actually, a really beautiful place.  I am always impressed by National Parks, and this time was no different.  We even got in free thanks to having two fourth graders in our company. The Federal Government supplied every fourth grader with a free park pass this year. (Getting the passes printed was a pretty funny story too involving a late night, a hotel lobby, a super slow computer and some good quality time with my friend, both bra-less and in our pajamas)  

Their trip also included a visit to the Desert Museum.  Apparently the second most visited place in Arizona. Number one being the Grand Canyon, of course. We saw javelina, cougar, bobcat, hummingbirds, snakes, and even a bear using the bathroom which became a running joke among the kiddos and the highlight for Sadie.  She's still taking about it... "Mom, remember when the bear was pooping and we watched?"

building cairns

I'm sure he was feeling like the third wheel all week, but he was a trooper

Swearing in as Jr. Ranger's

We had our hands full.  Five kids between us. Something she handles on a regular basis.
 I was so grateful for her extra hands!

Hummingbirds at rest, and building nests.  Fascinating!

I mustache you a question!

We went from Tombstone to Tucson and every thrift store and junkyard in between.  We even snuck in one last adventure to Casa Grande on our way to the airport.  (Thank goodness for smartphones and GPS)
I know it's unusual for a 10 year old to have a best friend of the opposite sex, but I know they're better for it.  I asked him what he enjoys about her friendship and he thoughtfully replied," she's funny and she listens to me." I hope he always remembers what makes a good friend. I know she gets it from her Mama. 

I know they'll be back.  Byrdie still has a few things on her desert to do list, among them, swimming and a scorpion hunt.  We can't wait to oblige.
Come back soon!!  The desert misses you!! 

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