Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Eight Big Ones

7/6/08...A date I can never remember. It should be 6-7-8, or 8-7-6, but it seems fitting for this middle man of ours who is always a little discombobulated.  A swim/sports/race car birthday is what he chose.  Never an easy choice for him, but we tried hard to deliver.

Finally, a hoop for the pool!

See those clouds? Totally ominous. I checked the forecast this morning and actually texted all the invitees and asked them to come 4 hours earlier.  Luckily most everyone could come because sure enough, the Monsoon rolled in and it's raining as I sit here typing this.

 He asked for a cake with his favorite game, "Sharks and Minnows".

The rain was closing in and I asked Alan to move his un-opened presents under the patio.  I  figured he would start opening them, but what surprised me was that several boys asked him to wait for his brother and then I heard one say, "Alan, read the card first", another said, "Alan, what do you say to your friend?", and still another said, "I'll get a bag for the wrapping paper".  I had to giggle... their mom's would be so proud!

The timeless art of the chest bump!


Oh, Alan!  I counted the number of times he cried during his own party. Three, three separate times he dished it out and couldn't handle the repercussions.  I told him I could send everyone home and he said through his tears, "can't you just have them sit and watch me swim?"  

 Happy Birthday, Alan!!!  Eight looks good on you!!

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