Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A place for me

     I think Dean sensed I was feeling down after everything our little family has been through in the last year and felt like he personally had to "fix" it.  He couldn't move my dear friend and her family across the country to live behind us like they did in Utah, but he could give me the breakfast nook, so that's what he did.  Drum roll please..... (ignore the photography skills..I so need lessons)
I thought it would stay in the garage forever, but
Dean suggested we flip it, and, voila...a coat rack too.
It's not very visible, but there's a binder over there.
Watch for "South Bound Bindery"
coming soon to an Etsy shop near you.

He knew if I put them away
I probably wouldn't get them out that often.
Now they're ready at a moment's notice.
Because Sewing IS fun!!
Thanks, Babe!  You made my day.  Who needs a breakfast nook anyway?


  1. I love the coat rack idea! And the pencil sharpener is mounted just in time for some new yellow school pencils. Your set up looks so great and I'm sure it will allow the creative juices to flow freely. What a fun working space. Nate and I were just talking about your binder--with you in Alabama there's an opening for a book lady in Ogden. I may have to look into a binder myself (Syrina's launching a new plan).

  2. Oh wow, I'm so excited to hear all about the new plan. I'm not sure the book thing will take off, it's really just a dream, but it would be fun. You should get one!