Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Dothan Thrift Scene

     Upon arrival I was given a little yellow pamphlet with a listing of all the antique and consignment stores in town, and while fun, thrift stores are more my scene.  There are a few in town that I've gotten to know..which ones have better furniture, which ones barter, which ones have better shoes.  It sounds crazy but some of you reading this know it's true and when you figure out the "system" you know where to go to look for things.

     Among my favorites are The Re-Store, a store that sells all the leftovers from Habitat for Humanity projects and Smith's Trading Post, a metal shed (Sarah, yes, even Dothan has a "Shed Guy") filled with boxes of dusty, rusty pieces any junk collector would love to have.

    After unloading TWO, yes, two moving trucks from the Ogden house we still had so much wall space and floor space to fill.  It's not that the house itself is bigger, just more spread out, and filling space is expensive. So, though they require a little more muscle and dirt tolerance than your average antique store, I'll continue to indulge in Dothan's thrift scene.

Some recent finds...

Costco stools for the bar

I loved the red in the barn

It came painted like this and at $15 I couldn't leave it there.

Yellow love seat?  yes, please.
It's not just for Grandma anymore..perfect in the bedroom

vintage game boards will look so good on a wall.

New chair and ottoman to fill an empty corner

Without our dads around to borrow a truck from,
we had to buy our own.


  1. LOVE this, Brooke. You have such a magical touch!!

  2. Everything looks so wonderful. You have great taste in old things.

  3. I love that love seat! How fun to have space to fill and it looks like Alabama has some pretty cool old stuff too. Have you found a Confederate flag to hang on the living room wall? :) You really make old things looks so cool.

  4. I love the stools you found! My parents have stools like that and I've been looking for similar ones to do girls hair on. Good finds!