Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Green Christmas

It was 75* in Alabama yesterday.  And while I'm not exactly complaining about the beautiful December weather we've been enjoying, I couldn't help but feel a little homesick when my mom mentioned she'd been cutting fresh cedar boughs with which to deck her halls.  I LOVE cedar boughs.  To me they are the epitome of Christmas decorations and I used to have a backyard full of them when we lived in Utah.

I had all of this on my mind last night when I arrived at a church activity at the home of one of our ward members.  She had these lovely fresh green wreaths on all her windows and some kind of drapey fir garland over her mantel, not to mention a beautiful magnolia wreath on her door and mailbox.  I asked where she had gotten them and she pointed to an alley on the side of her house where all the obliging plants were growing.  Needless to say, I went home with a truck full of Southern greenery, perfect for decking my own halls.

It's called Elaeagnus, and it reminds me of Forsythia.  It grows as a bush but shoots out long tendrils, perfect for making wreaths.  I also love the silvery backside of the leaves.  I was instructed to make the wreath, soak it, and then apply a thin coat of polyurethane, if desired.

I've embraced the best of both.  Our toboggan and ice-skates might be a little ironic here, but they fit in better with some magnolia leaves tucked here and there.  The glossy leaves remind me so much of holly.  I'm sure Southern Living Magazine would be proud.


  1. Wouldn't it be great to have the best of both worlds.... snow with warm & sunny temperature.... and work with friends & family close.... but there is always a reason for things being the way they are (snow would never make it in 75, but warm temps sounds really really nice right now). You have a gift for making things work.... like finding a great substitute for fresh cut cedar boughs. Happy Hall Decking!

  2. Did you hear, your mom and I both took advantage of your cedar trees this year for our relief society table decorations. We knocked on the door just hours apart from each other. Alex was so nice to let us come and trim your trees a bit. She's probably wondering what else we'll want to take from Brooke's old house. The cedar boughs are so festive but your southern substitution looks fantastic. Good job embracing your new flora and fauna.

  3. I think that making your own wreath is super cool.
    . Byrdie