Thursday, December 18, 2014

Minute to Win It, Christmas style

I'm a room mom, again.   I vowed I wouldn't be, but when the teacher asks you in front of your child it's not that easy to say, "no".  I felt a little guilty because it's for Ben's class again, which means Alan gets jipped, but Alan's class has an amazing room mom duo and I did send Doritos.  Plus, I figure there are many more years to be room mom.  It helps that Dean took today off so he was able to be in Alan's class.  There's only one photo.  He's choosing his book swap number.  A book swap. That sounds like a calm and peaceful idea. Why didn't I think of that?

I'm not sure if Christmas parties have evolved in the 30ish years since I was in elementary school but every time I spend an hour at one of them I gain a greater appreciation for my own mom who was a room parent extraordinaire, and for all the wonderful teachers my boys have had over the years.

These third graders spent an hour tossing mini-marshmallows at each other, fishing for mini candy canes, and finding Rudolph's nose (you put vaseline on the end of your nose and stick your face in the cotton balls to try to get the red pom-pom's to stick.)  It was wild, and crazy, and loud, and super fun, but that book swap is sounding better and better.  Maybe for Valentine's Day?...

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