Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Haircut for Sadie

Sadie has her second hair cut under her belt.  It's the same stacked bob she's been sporting since December.  She get's SO many compliments on it daily... "that hair!!!" random people say.  She wears it well and it suits her independent spirit, although it makes her look so grown up I can hardly stand it.

I had a bit of a moment today.  I was tidying up her bedroom and I dusted this picture by Sarah Jane Studios, entitled "Waiting".  It struck me how much Sadie resembles the little girl in the print, especially with her new do.  I thought back to when I purchased it, SO many years ago.  I remember knowing, deep inside, that someday there would be a little girl with shiny black hair in our family.  I'll admit it was purchased at a time when that seemed like wishful thinking, but I held on to that tiny speck of hope for so long.

So, on this random Thursday, can I just say that waiting is good, and hope and faith can keep dreams real, no matter how wistful they may seem.  My answer to prayers came full circle as I sat on the bed and had my moment, and the boys stuck their heads in and asked what was wrong with me, and then mentioned that Sadie had emptied an entire box of cereal onto the kitchen floor....

To all of you still waiting, I say, "wait as long as it takes".  It's totally worth it.


  1. Oh, how sweet. "Waiting" what a perfect title for a perfect story. She's yours and she does look so much like Sadie. What a great piece of art to display in her room. And her hair style is just exactly her personality. My girls got hair cuts yesterday too! Time to get ready for summer!

  2. Aww. Such a nice story. Thanks for sharing.