Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Good Friday, Bad Easter Egg Hunt

The minute the boys stepped off the bus last Thursday they were falling all over themselves trying to tell me about "the best Easter egg hunt EVER".  Apparently, each year, the city hosts an epic egg hunt with eggs worth $100 cash.  Last year it was on a Sunday, so we didn't make it, but this year it was being held on Good Friday.  The boys were determined to go and WOULD NOT stop talking about it and what they were going to do with their money!!

It almost didn't happen.  Sadie locked us out and the key that's usually in the garage had been misplaced by other little hands.  Luckily, Dean was close, so we were only five minutes late.  As we drove in, Ben practically threw himself from the moving van and it was all I could do to keep Alan in until we had come to a complete stop.  They were off like a shot.  I have no photos of them because they were just gone.  We were also able to meet up with some friends from church, so that was helpful.  Anyway, Sadie got sidetracked by bubbles while I surveyed the scene.  I had no idea what this egg hunt entailed, but as I looked around I realized the park went on for MILES!!!  This wasn't your grandma's egg hunt.  There were no eggs on the ground for the kids under 5 and no head starts for the littlest ones either.  There were 10 golden eggs, each worth the enticing $100 and a handful of  EMPTY colored eggs, all well hidden.

I have to say, my boys didn't give up. They were still diligently searching for the last two eggs THREE HOURS later as I gathered my sweaty boys and their empty baskets into the car.  Alan was in tears and Ben was sulking, repeating, "This is the worst egg hunt ever."  Sadie had totally unraveled at this point and was kicking and screaming "egg!" "egg!" as I forced her into her buckles.

Later that night, when we were able to laugh about it, Ben dubbed it the "Good Friday, bad Easter egg hunt."  I don't know if anyone ever found the last two eggs, but I learned my lesson.  $100 eggs have lost their charm and they won't woo me again.  Although, I did hear Ben and his friend plotting out their egg hunt strategy for next year...


  1. Poor guys. That's so hard core! My brother always sticks a ten dollar bill in an egg at one of our hunts. That seems exciting enough for our group--and attainable. But it is a beautiful place to spend a couple of hours anyway.

  2. Your story had me laughing. Well told!