Friday, October 16, 2015

Marturello Farewell Tour, Part 2: New Orleans, LO

New Orleans, Naw Luns, N'orlins, however you say it, we knew we would never forgive ourselves for living 3 hours away and never visiting. 

We had gumbo, (actually really good, award winning gumbo, thanks to Dean's diligent research) walked along the mighty Mississippi, ate Beignets, talked to street artists, and really tried to get a sense of this city in a short 12 hours. It's not the most 'kid friendly' place, but I think we were able to show them the good parts.

 Either way you look at it, the line for Beignets was crazy.  Luckily, we met a friendly carriage driver who told us about the "other" entrance to Cafe Du Monde. The one none of the tourists see on the inside of the building.  We had a table and were inhaling powdered sugar within minutes.

The aftermath of our breakfast...

There's something surreal about walking through a place you've only ever seen in the movies and on TV. The buildings were the oldest our kids had ever seen and there was still some evidence of Katrina's devastation. 

I had 'Proud Mary' in my head all the way back to Alabama. 

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