Thursday, April 24, 2014

Alan's New Glasses

You know in the Superman movies when Clark Kent removes his glasses to become Superman and no one recognizes him?  That always bothered me.  Glasses are not a disguise, Lois Lane!!  Being a glasses wearer myself, I know that they just become a part of you.  So when my little man put his on for the first time you can imagine how surprised I was when I almost didn't recognize him.  Isn't he handsome?! Dean said, "who knew all you needed was a pair of thick black frames to look instantly hip and smart."

I remember walking into my own third grade classroom the day after I received my first pair of glasses. It was the mid 80's, so yes, they were huge and round and the side pieces had swirly metal cut outs.  Pretty rad, in my opinion, but I was still nervous.  Well, I had a pretty great teacher, Mrs. Nelson, and she had prepped all my other classmates AND given them each a pair of plastic glasses they had to wear all day.

Unlike me, Alan wasn't nervous at all.  He rocked his glasses from the minute he put them on.  It's just like him to embrace something new.  Especially an accessory that "makes me look cool".  I should have known that my boy who is very particular about his shoes being flashy, always having to have a pair of sunglasses on in the car, will not leave the house without hair gel,  and told me last week that my flip flops didn't match my pants, would take to glasses like a fish takes to water.

He even picked the frames out himself and was VERY put out at the limited selection of children's eye wear.  I should worry about a few years down the road when he HAS to have the expensive teenage jeans, but for now I'm just grateful for a little bit of GQ in the one child that doesn't fight me when I set out his church clothes.


  1. He looks soooo cool! Byrdie just got some last Saturday as well. She's loving them.

  2. Way to embrace, he looks so great. I remember hiding mine in my desk or pocket, especially in my early teens. Some cool thick black frames might help.... but probably not..... thank goodness for contacts.

  3. He is so handsome! And yes he is rocking those thick black frames!