Thursday, April 17, 2014

Field Day

 Highlands had their annual field day today.  They hold it in April instead of the last week of school, like we did in Utah, because of the May heat (something I am not looking forward to.)  Apparently it was hot last year and the year before, but this year it seems we brought some chilly weather back from our visit out west.  The adults were all freezing but the kids had their jackets on the ground for the entire day.

Alan in the tag relay...

Let me set this one up for you...It's a pizza box relay.  The first runner starts with one box and each person adds their box to the next runner's pile.  Alan was #6 and after losing one box right off the bat and another one by the cone, my sensitive boy completely unravelled...

It was so sad and yet sooooo funny.  I was trying not to let him see me laugh while I comforted him.

His "birthday cake" flavored snow cone.

The fire dept. came with their arson dog.  Alan thinks we should get a dog that "does what they tell it to do" just like this one he saw today.

I don't know what their fascination is in picking each other up, but they all do it.  I have about 20 photos with his whole class trying to do it.  Ben told me "it's a second grade thing, you wouldn't get it." Apparently not.

Waiting for the tug-o-war...

Guess what this hot little mess spent the entire day doing?

Ben running the number ball relay.  They had 30 numbered balls in a bucket and the kids had to run and find their number and bring them back in order.

Luke, the friend...

LaKeith, the nemisis (Ben prays every day to "help LaKeith not be a bully and keep him away from me")

potato sack races

"keep pulling"

Sweet victory...

I was working the snack booth during the kindergarten races which is why there are more photos of Ben.  It really was a whole day outside running around.  They were exhausted, and happy.  Field day in Alabama was a total success.

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