Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wonder Works

We've driven by this museum several times since we've been here.  It's hard to miss, being upside down and all.  The problem is it's in Panama City and the beach is it's competition.  I was grateful Ben had a field trip scheduled on what turned out to be a rainy day so the beach wouldn't interfere.  

(The camera got left on the counter at home because they made us be to the school at 7:00.  It's a true miracle we made it with all four of us dressed and no tears.  The following pics are from a phone, with a wiggly toddler in the other arm, sorry.)

This machine uses pedal power to push you up and over.  It requires a chaperone, but an employee took pity on me with Sadie in my arms and offered to ride with Ben saving me from going upside down multiple times at 9:00a.m.
I'm forever grateful!

This water is the exact temperature of the water at the time of the Titanic sinking.  Super cold!!

the Hurricane Hole...a large fan blows at sustained speeds of 74 miles an hour recreating the effect of a hurricane.


Sadie loved the giant piano.

A virtual roller coaster.  They were singing "Everything is Awesome".
I couldn't hear them, but their dance moves while riding gave it away.

A cool indoor ropes course.

Ben's class had a great time.  I'm so glad they let me and Sadie tag along.  While we were leaving Ben lamented the fact that it was raining and we couldn't pop over to the beach he loves.  I asked him if he'd rather come back to Wonderworks or the beach and he said, "It's not even a question, mom.  They're just lucky it was raining or Luke and I were going to sneak our swimming suits and go to the beach while everyone was here."  Sneaky little eight year olds and their plotting.  I don't know whether we'll be back soon, but it's nice to know there are rainy day options at the Beach too.

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