Monday, October 14, 2013

Ludwig Von Who?

Ben has been taking piano lessons for a while now. He was recently assigned "Ode to Joy" from Beethoven's Ninth.  His teacher made a really big deal out of it and Ben was really curious about it during the next week.  I busted out Dean's "Intro to Classical Music" CD's from college and we took a musical journey discussing composers, symphonies, movements, etc.  Some of his questions/statements have been...

"What's an Ode?"
"What does B E E T H O V E N spell?"
"Was Joy a person and why did they need an Ode"
"You mean this guy got PAID to write music?"
"Mom, Sadie looks like that guy we've been talking about with crazy hair that wrote the Ode." (after a particularly windy car ride)

So when his teacher asked him what song he'd like to play next I listened carefully to see if my week of  classical influence had paid off.

He requested the theme to "Starwars".

To her credit, his piano teacher found it and totally made his day.  I was even able to find a You-Tube video of John Williams conducting The Boston Pops playing Starwars, which we watched, over, and over, and over.....

Presenting the musical stylings of "Ben thoven" as he's requested to be called for the purposes of this post.

Maybe somewhere down the road our week of classical immersion will pay off,  but for now, I'll remember he's seven and John Williams is just as cool as Beethoven ever was.

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