Monday, October 7, 2013

Something Wicked This Way Comes

The leaves aren't changing, and the temperatures haven't dropped.  As far as I'm concerned it's still summer, but the calendar says it's October and the 7yo is ambitious about Halloween this year.

Ben asked why we had so many "cute" Halloween decorations.  "Mom, Halloween is supposed to be scary." Alan picked up on this and followed me around saying, " OOO, Mom, that's so scaring".

So the smiling Jack-o-Lanterns stayed in the Halloween tote because only the really "scaring" decorations met with Ben's approval.  He hit up Dean for some cash to go buy more decorations because the ones we have aren't spooky enough.  We decided to compromise. He gets to make a small list of new purchases and I get to put out a few cute things.  

Even the creepy child's bust got some new fangs for the season.

Tricks and treats and happy haunting to all you Goblins and Ghouls. 
He's decided it's his favorite holiday...mine too.  


  1. Brooke, I love it all so much. I think it's the perfect balance between cute and scary. Those fangs on your head are awesome! And where did you find your great skull? I ended up getting Jamie's black widow picture--I couldn't resist. We had our movie night tonight. I wished you were here with your chicken noodle soup. We miss you.

  2. Ben and I were just talking about your movie night. We can't wait to see your posts. I think we'll try and re-create a little of your magic on Halloween night. We're planning on pulling the fire pit around to the front yard and serving up soup and caramel apples on the front porch with a few friends and any neighbors who want to stop for a minute. I found the skull at a yard sale a few years ago, I've just never had a mantle to put it on. I know Jamie's art will look so great with all your spooky stuff!

  3. This is fantastic. You always make everything look so lovely. It's weird because this is the first year ever in my entire life that the Halloween Decorations have to stay in storage, so it's great to see pictures of your Halloween Decorations. I love the pumpkins in the old wheel barrow.