Monday, March 3, 2014

Fried Green Tomatoes

     I'm sure most of you read my Facebook status update from a few weeks ago.  The embarrassing one where I admitted to getting caught eating an entire order of fried green tomatoes while waiting for the boys to come on the bus, but for those that didn't I wanted to dedicate a post to the cause of my embarrassment.  1/2 price fried green tomatoes at the BBQ Shack.
      I was waiting there at the bus stop with grease dripping off my chin when a "very put together, very Southern"(as I mentioned on Facebook) member of the PTO stopped and asked, "whatcha waitin' on?" With my mouth full I sheepishly admitted to waiting for the bus and then her well manicured hand waved goodbye and she, and her designer sunglasses, sped off in her SUV.  I saw her just a few days later and I admitted to her that I'm slightly addicted to this new food discovery and that I was only slightly embarrassed because they are just that good. She agreed that they really are delicious, although I guarantee she'd never let an entire order of them slip past her lips.  I failed to mention to her that this was my second indulgence of the week.  The way I see it at 1/2 price I just get to eat more for the same amount of money.

     The source of my cravings, and the 6 extra lbs I've added since moving here, is just down the road and I cannot drive by without checking the marquee to see if they're still on sale.  Oh, how they beckon at the 2:00 hour when I know I can make it there and back before the bus.  If I walk to the BBQ shack does that negate the calorie consumption of these delicious tomatoes? It's doubtful, but for the foreseeable future I'll keep checking the couch cushions and the dark crevices in the car to come up with the $2.84 I need to feed my indulgence.


  1. Oooh, those look sooo good! Well, I say, when in Rome. . . . :)
    Enjoy one for me!

  2. I can justify just about anything, soooooo what if you ran there and back and then there again, would that justify your purchase?

  3. Brooke I have never tried fried green tomatoes! I think walking there and back burns enough calories!!