Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Words and Weaning

     As I've mentioned before, there's definitely been a learning curve with Sadie.  Ben was almost 7 when she came to us at only 4weeks old and we didn't realize just how much we would need to re-learn.  I realized yesterday that she is now saying quite a few words, and she has officially been off her binky for more than two weeks.  It's kind of a big deal, considering her binky got her through some pretty sketchy situations during her first four weeks of life.  Let's just say she was pretty attached.
      I think I have a handful of journal entries detailing Ben's first words in detail, but I hadn't documented any of Sadie's words. I know that's the trouble with being the third child, fewer photos, fewer journal entries, less precaution and worrying on the part of mom and dad, and lets face it, a little more spoiling.

     So, here it is. A list of her words in order of appearance...

"all done"
"thank you"
and we think we heard "drink" just the other day.

     As for the pacifier, well, let's just say our afternoon naps are a work in progress.  We tried substituting a favorite blanket, a baby doll, stuffed animals....but it seems the empty sippy cup, and mom are the only substitutes she's willing to accept.  The whining/crying has increased to less than acceptable levels and I admit it's crossed my mind several times that a binky would be such a quick fix, but it's caused us to slow down and really figure out how to meet her needs rather than just plug up the whiney hole. There's more snuggles as we rock, and rock, and rock, and rock, and rock...but she's learning to self soothe and we're learning to just walk away and shut the door.  I saw a four year old with a pacifier at Sam's club last week.  She pulled it out of her mouth, grunted loudly and pointed at the hot-dog stand, and then put the binky back in.  I knew instantly we had done the right thing in weaning Miss Sadie.  Hopefully we'll feel just as good about future parenting decisions as we settle in to parenting three.

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