Sunday, March 23, 2014

Treehouse 2.0

    We think it was a weed that someone just let grow.  It's ugly and growing right next to the garage.  It was scheduled to come down this week during some outdoor Spring cleaning. But, it also happens to be the only tree in our  yard.
      A few weeks ago I heard Ben and Alan making plans to put their self-constructed clubhouse up in it.  A few days later, the afore-mentioned clubhouse was pretty much destroyed during some high winds we had.  We knew the boys were upset and there were lots of grumblings about a certain treehouse we all loved and left.
     Then, one night as I was about to accuse him of "stalking" on Facebook.  I caught Dean searching plans for "one tree treehouses" on Pinterest.  I knew my plans for getting rid of it had been scratched when Dean hauled the boys out of bed before 7:00 a.m. on Saturday for a run into town for doughnuts and wood.



     It took the whole day.  We celebrated with s'mores and that order. There's no railing, but as Dean says.."If it wasn't a little bit dangerous it wouldn't be fun..."  Treehouse 2.0, smaller, but just as good for making secret plans and spying and tossing little plastic parachute men and inevitably,  jumping out of.

     I think Dean left the railing off just so he wouldn't have to sleep in this one...


  1. That looks great, fun and scary all at the same time. What a fun dad they have.

  2. Oh I bet they love it. It's the perfect place for little boys to feel some independence and adventure without mom having to worry about where they are.

  3. I also love that you found somewhere to put your sign. It looks great!

  4. This one made me a little weepy, way to go dean!