Thursday, March 27, 2014

Garbage Day

A few days after settling into our new house I was on a morning run.  You have to get up early here in the Summer if you want to beat the heat.  I crossed over into the neighboring subdivision and I saw a BEAUTIFUL dresser being thrown into the back of a big dump truck.  I remember chasing down the driver and asking what they were doing, and why, and more importantly, could I have it?  

Upon inspection the dresser was deemed too broken to remove from the truck (I think they just didn't want to get it down after putting it in), but the memory of seeing that beautiful wood trashed has haunted me ever since. Turns out, you can pretty much put anything on the side of the road and someone will pick it up for you.  And so, I find myself getting out of bed on Thursday mornings before children have awakened to take a quick glance at the neighbors trash piles. 

My findings so far have included....

a cassete player
a lovely metal bird feeder
a working Power Wheel that made a handy Christmas gift
fence sections that have since built our treehouse, pretend boat, and will be useful in making the garden boxes
and today, this wooden ladder

It's the thrill of the hunt that keeps me going.  The neighbors think I'm a bit odd, sorting through their trash before sunrise, but we're already the weird ones on the block so it doesn't matter.   When I miss a week I'm always left wondering what I missed.  For now, this ladder will make a great addition to the potting nook I have planned...

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  1. If you are weird, does that make me weird too? I love that ladder, can't wait to see it takes it's rightful place in the garden.