Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kolomoki State Park

Kolomoki State Park was on the top of Grandpa Blake's to-do list for his most recent trip south.  It's just over the border in Georgia, about a 50 minute drive.  There are ancient mounds throughout the southeast and midwest.  Kolomoki is believed to have been built around 200 AD.  For those of you Book of Mormon scholars, depending on which settlement model you prescribe to (Central America vs. North America), this would have been prime Lamanite territory.

It doesn't look like much from the side.  In fact, the boys kept asking, "what are we looking at?"

There are six mounds in the main plaza and various other mounds around the area.  Some are burial mounds while others contained pottery shards, etc.

They indulged my need to see this covered bridge on the way back.  It's off the beaten path, but someone has gone to great efforts and expense to protect it.  While I am pleased at the preservation efforts, both Ben and I were saddened we couldn't walk through it.  Me because it's beautiful and romantic, Ben because he wanted to reenact Ichabod Crane when he runs away from the Headless Horseman.

Notice the moss on the, so, cool.   I loved the way the wood was laid for your wheels on the inside too.  You can see the green graffiti.  I'm wondering if that's what prompted the new gate out front?

It was a good road trip.  We sang songs and played "would you rather" and saw new things with the people we love most.  I wish they would come more often so we would get out and see more.

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  1. You guys have been sooo busy this past week visiting everything within a one hour radius. Maybe you're thinking that once you see it all, there will be no reason to stay. If that's the case, keep going at your current pace and you'll be home in less than a year. I bet there are locals who haven't seen all the tings you guys have seen. It's all so very beautiful and historic. What a fun area of the country to explore.