Friday, October 17, 2014

Recent Finds

I was supposed to be looking for a king size bed frame.  Well, they didn't have any of those and my shopping cart was empty.  The red Sylvania Four Speed filled a good bit of cart space, but it was lonely.  Good thing I found a minty green typewriter friend for it. (This makes three, typewriters that is, does that count as an addiction?)  I love how the record player's label announces itself as "vintage".   Otherwise I might not have known.

I'm not sure what this sign is, but it's got cool detail on the top, it's metal, and only $2.  I'm not in love with the words, but I have spray paint in the garage.

Sadie really liked my new lamps.  I thought they were groovy too.  Yellow for the living room, white for the bedroom.

All cleaned up and with its new shade.  I think it looks lovely.

The best part is, I still didn't find the bed frame which means I have an excuse to keep looking...

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