Thursday, November 13, 2014

Failed Photo Shoot

I was determined to get a picture of them, in their sealing outfits, in a cotton field, at sunset.  I sewed their bow ties, curled her hair, even purchased Ben's sweater vest a mere hour earlier and loaded them into the car.

The weather was perfect.  There was even one cotton field left that hadn't been harvested yet.  The light was perfect.....  The SIM card was no where to be found.

Yup, I had three beautifully dressed children with relatively good attitudes in a picturesque spot and no way to capture the moment.  All I managed was a grainy cell phone photo that can't be uploaded due to poor resolution.

Not to be defeated I piled everyone back in the car and headed back for the Sim card with promises of ice cream and video games if only they would bear with me... They tried, but the light just didn't last.  Sadie was so confused by the whole ordeal.  The following is documentation of my epic fail.

I tried salvaging the color with some computer edits, but it just looks wrong.

This last photo pretty much sums up the whole 10 minute shoot.  They kept posing and forcing their smiles and Ben kept suggesting ways to stand, bless his heart.  Sadie was just done.  There was nothing easy going and natural about it.  Better luck next time.  Next time I will plan a leisurely afternoon in October, when the cotton is high and fields are plentiful, and I will bring a real photographer.  Too bad my favorite one lives 2,000 miles away.

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  1. I wish I could have been there too. But photo shoots with small children are never a guarantee. I usually credit luck when everything goes smoothly with a two year old in the mix. I'm sorry about the card though. You put so much effort into the photo shoot. I know what it is to get everyone ready and pumped up and sufficiently bribed. And then to have a technical failure just stinks. But the kids look just beautiful and you captured that and I really do love that second from the bottom. The sky was really cool and you can see all the kids just fine. Way cool to get pictures in a cotton field too. I'm glad you posted these.