Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I Went Walking...

Having brothers home for Thanksgiving break means our mother daughter routine is thrown off a bit. Sadie and I usually share a walk just before lunch time.  We take Bailey down to the end of the cup-de-sac and back.  It's just enough to wear out our ancient beagle and Sadie's small legs.  

Today, Alan and Ben went on the walk too. I decided to sit this one out, thinking it would be a good time for some sibling cooperation and responsibility.

The inevitable fights about who gets to hold the leash, a fall or two, tears, Alan making it home way before Ben and Sadie because "no one would race with him"...

I got half the kitchen swept before they were all back inside again tattling on each other, but also laughing and talking about the next time they take Bailey for a walk.  In my book, that's a success.

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  1. What kind of trees are those with the beautiful red leaves? What a gorgeous street you live on. And I love Sadie's sweater jacket. So glad you picked it up all those years ago at the thrift store. It's so perfect on her--you must have known something.