Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Stockings Were Hung

My Christmas stocking was hand knit in 1978 for my first Christmas.  It was made by Mrs. Hales, a neighbor across the street.  The stockings she made for me and all of my brothers are proof that she loved children, although, now that I think about it,  maybe it was just babies she loved.  My only memories of her include scolding, and finger wagging.  One of our favorite neighborhood games was daring each other to run on her grass.  (After her death they found a box of balls in her basement, many of which belonged to the Wilkinson family across the street. )  I bear her no ill-will, however, and adore the vintage-y look and feel of her wonderful creation.

I hadn't thought much of my stocking after my mom passed it along to me.  I had purchased fancy new ones after Dean and I were married.  Then, along came Benjamin, and another sweet neighbor, Ms. Francine Wiggins, who knew of Mrs. Hales and the stockings she made, knit another beautiful sock just in time for his first Christmas.

I mentioned to my mom that Dean didn't have a hand knit stocking and that I should learn to knit, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but another hand knit stocking with Dean's name on it.  My mom had mentioned what I had said in passing, and dear Ms. Wiggins took pity and whipped one up.  Now, when I say "whipped one up", I am using words only non-knitters use because I was one at the time.  She knit two stockings for me out of the goodness of her heart and after having knit two more on my own, I am deeply grateful.

Fortunately I had learned to knit by the time Sadie and Alan joined our family.  I called Ms. Wiggins and she gave the pattern to my mom to mail.   This post didn't make it in the blog last year because Alan's sock was only half finished.  It wasn't until Thanksgiving weekend that Dean reminded me I had a half finished sock under the bed and only a few weeks to finish it.

We're still a stocking holder short, and Alan and Sadie's socks still need their sequins, but they're done.  I only had a little trouble reading the pattern.  You're supposed to knit each half flat and then seam it together, but it was too confusing.  Another friend helped me adjust it to be able to knit in the round and, voila!!

Ben has accused me of making Sadie's the biggest.  Seeing them hung I have to agree.  Good thing all that acrylic yarn is so stretchy.  His will be able to hold just as much.  I hope my littles will appreciate their 70's inspired stockings.  I have so much red and green and white yarn left there's sure to be plenty 20 years from now when I have to knit more for the grand youngun's.

What is your favorite Chirstmas heirloom?

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  1. They look so great all together! I know it was sooo painful purchasing and knitting with scratchy acrylic yarn but it was totally the right choice. They are so beautifully kitschy (I mean that it the very nicest way possible). Vintage, handmade, and meaningful. Good work. I bet the kids just love them with their names on them and everything. I can't wait to see them all glitzt up with their sequins.