Wednesday, January 28, 2015


We've been learning our body parts in Spanish lately.  Sadie's favorites are her "manos", or hands.  I already mentioned these mitts in a previous blog post, but yesterday I realized just how much use they've been getting.  She puts them on every time she goes out and sings a little song to herself about keeping her manos warm.  I knew they would be nice to have and let's face it, I was looking for something quick and easy to knit, but they really are so functional.  They hug tight around the wrist and have a super long cuff, plus they allow those little fingers and thumbs to do what they do best.  I used the "Clarence" pattern,  from Kellbourne Wollens.   It was a gift from a dear friend, and I have used so many of the patterns from it.   I knit them in the 12-24 mo size because I wanted them to be snug, but I'm super excited they come all the way up to size 6yr.

How are you keeping your manos warm this winter?

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  1. Oh, they are so cute! Sadie looks so pleased with them. I'm surprised she keeps them on so well. They do look nice and snug though. I think I might need to make some for Louisa with some leftover yarn from her Christmas hat.