Monday, January 26, 2015

Personal Progress

We had a "Beehive's only" activity at my house this past Saturday.  ("Beehives" is the name given to the 12 and thirteen year old girls in the LDS church.  I have no idea why, although when they all get together and talk and giggle, and talk and giggle some more, their sound does resemble buzzing, so maybe that's it?)  We've had SIX join us in the last year, so we needed an activity that would introduce them to the Young Women Personal Progress program. 

Their assignment was to bring their favorite snack to share and their Personal Progress supplies.  We spent three hours learning, and sharing, and eating, and passing off a lot of their value experiences. I had them divide up into groups of two and visit different stations.  With the help of my fellow YW leaders and the trusty sister missionaries, we helped the girls check off eight experiences.  I think they felt accomplished.

Hmm, maybe we need an activity on healthy eating?!...

Two girls aren't featured, I was late grabbing the photo, but all seven of my Beehives attended and one friend, that will hopefully be coming more often.  Such sweetness and silliness.  Talent and beauty.  I can't wait to have them for two whole years!!

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  1. I love the Beehives and all, I'm sure they're great, but I really want to see more pictures of how you have decorated your home!