Thursday, January 15, 2015

Recent Finds

We returned from a fabulous winter break to a less than sunny Alabama.  Feeling homesick and all around "blah" I found myself in need of some serious retail therapy. Having set some new financial resolutions, however, I kept putting off a much needed shopping trip.

Dean had a day off last week and I mentioned my desire to visit a store in the mall that was having an additional 50% off clearance sale and "just look". There was some sighing, but he agreed to the outing.   I had found some great deals on jewelry there before and I figured I could make myself feel better and not wreck my new resolutions.

I did find some jewelry, a necklace and earrings that didn't even dent my pocket book, also, a pack of hand painted Christmas cards. (Yes, I realize Christmas is a whole year away, babe, but they were $1 per package and their vintagey cuteness speaks for itself.)  The real prize, however, was when I happened to pick up the large bell jar to admire the succulent growing there. (I thought it was real) Anyway, I also happened to notice there was a price tag on the bottom that said $1.88.  Thinking it was a mistake I casually asked the sales clerk.  Nope, anything with a red tag was fair game, AND 50% off. "Yes, 50% off $1.88",  she said.

Two bell jars, complete with dirt, moss, and succulents, an awesome, green, wheeled, metal stand thingy, two ceramic birds, and $7.84 later, I was a satisfied shopper, and at the mall, of all places.  Dean even congratulated me on my success, although I think he was more pleased with the price tag than the actual merchandise.

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