Thursday, May 29, 2014

Playing Hookey

The district calendar had Thursday, May 29th listed officially as the last day of school.  In Dothan, however, the unofficial last day of school is whatever day your child has their awards assembly.  I found this out through word of mouth.  Apparently they can't advertise that your child isn't expected to come for the last two days, but the teachers TOTALLY expect no children to be there.  They use the last few days to clean uninterrupted and the few unlucky children who do attend school after the awards assemblies are put to work.  I can't decide if I like this attitude towards education, or not.  I almost sent mine just to prove a point, but really, what would it prove?  Plus, if they're going to clean, it's going to be at our house...We played hookey on the last day of school and went to the beach instead.

There'd been a 30% chance of thunderstorms all week and it hadn't really rained yet, so we decided our chances were good, even though the skies were ominous,  as we set off for the Florida line.  The sky just kept getting darker and then they opened up and dumped.  There were flood warnings in effect and roads closing all around us.  Dean promised to "find us a beach with no rain" and Ben said we were "on the road to sunshine" as we pointed our car East on Beach Front Road and hit the gas.  I felt like Marianne Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility when she declares, "there's a piece of blue sky, let's chase it."  With a quick search of Doplar Weather on his phone, Dean found the one beach on the Florida Panhandle that wasn't getting rained on.  Despite the weather the water was already warm.

Hope your Summer Vacation is off to a great start!!

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