Sunday, May 11, 2014

To: Mom

She may look like your average ordinary grandma, but my mom, whom I like to call Joey, is the most adventurous person I know.  I remember one summer in my late teens, we were at Lagoon and my brother mentioned that he and my mom and an appointment to ride the Sky Coaster.  It was fairly new to the park and I honestly didn't believe him.  It's the first time I really remember acknowledging that I didn't know my mom as well as I thought I did.

Always the first in line for a roller coaster.  Always the first to say yes to a road trip (and bring the best snacks).  Always the first to want to try something new, be it food, sport, or activity.  She skied all the time before she had us.  She took Hula lessons because she found out the class got to go to Hawaii.  She dated every boy at Weber State College from 1973-1977.  And yes, (children who are younger than 18 should stop reading now), she crossed the pipe that hangs precariously over the mouth of Ogden Canyon and lived to tell about it.

I wish I were genetically inclined to be more like her.  I did get her love of black licorice and all things sour.  Her predisposition to want to be involved, and her hair color, but my thrill seeking is more in line with my father's.  

You know you have a great mom when even your husband wishes you could be more like her, yes, you heard it, he wishes I could be more like my mom and he RELISHED the years we had when her Sunday dinners were just across the street.  She really is everyone's favorite person, even Bailey the persnickety Beagle loves her more than anyone else.

She has rubbed off a little...below are just a few of the places we've been together recently.  Among them, slot canyons in Souther Utah, the top of a light house, and the jungles of Guatemala.  For some reason I'm always hot and sweaty when I'm with her...

Happy Mother's Day, mom!  You truly are amazing and I don't know what I would do without you on speed dial.. I love, and miss, you everyday!  XOXOXO

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  1. I didn't know that your mom had such and adventurous streak in her. Geez, I feel a little silly that I stay far away from roller coasters when she's first in line. I think I need to up my funness just a tad. Byrdie already thinks my favorite thing to do is "relax" and the way that I relax is to "rest." What a great roll model you and your kids have. What a fun mom and grandma.