Thursday, August 7, 2014

Alan's #6

Seven, Six, Eight. No, I'm not counting weird, those are the numbers of Alan's big day.  It's a real trick to remember their order and we always have to stop and think it through.  It's also a trick deciding when to celebrate so close to America's own birthday.  It usually turns into a drawn out celebration and that's exactly what happened this year.  Two parties, one for family, one for friends.  He wanted to celebrate at the beach, but a shark cake and a water fight were as close as we could get in Utah.

His first fall on his new bike.  He jumped right back up.  It's a shame we had to leave it in Utah.

Happy "bite-day"!!

Only a little sibling jealousy was expressed.

Beach themed cupcakes Alan helped decorate.  He put on all the fish.

Catching water balloons

It just wouldn't be Alan's day without a few tears.  It's just how he rolls.

A concrete beach...

They were jumping in a circle singing "we love popsicles!" and really, what's not to love?  They had a  perfectly wet afternoon.

Happy sixth, little man!!  We can't wait to see what you do with this year.

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