Wednesday, August 6, 2014

There and Back Again

We spent most of our summer vacation in Ogden, Utah. Thankfully my parents have an empty basement they were willing to share with us.  Our summer felt full and big and we were so happy to get to spend time with family and friends. But, like all good things, it came to an end this week and we find ourselves back in Dothan.  Hot and sweaty, but grateful for a wonderful job and a chance to experience new things.

We came home to a spotless house, a gift from Dean who endured three weeks of bachelorhood so we could snag a few more weeks of summer.  It was clean for all of two minutes until Sadie found her toys and the laundry started to pile up.  Yes, back to real life.  Thank you, mom and dad, for hosting us and letting us forget real life for a minute and have a Utah summer.

I'll be posting quite a few make-up posts in the next few days.  This blog has taken the place of a regular journal for our family and there are a few things I need to go back and document. For now, one of my favorite moments of the summer, Ben and me on a trail above our old neighborhood...

Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Blogging...... something I never saw myself doing..... NEVER..... another bowl full of word stew. But I am so grateful... I don't even know if that's the right word to describe it. I love reading what my friends have to share, especially the ones that live too far for me to see with my own eyes. So yes I'll be excitedly waiting for each and every one of your updates (no pressure...). P.S. I don't know if you could make out what Sol wrote on his A.T. A.L.A.S.K.A. acronym list, first A in Alaska.... 'A day with ben and alin'..... gratefully captured and blogged.