Friday, August 15, 2014


They beat me out the door.  I'm sure it won't last, but I'll take it when I can get it.  Their shoes were tied, and hair combed, they even brushed their teeth. I remember when Ben had the superhero backpack and Alan was addicted to Lightening McQueen.  "Batman is for little kids,"  Ben informed me as I sewed on his Gryffindor patch.

Freshly minted 1st and 3rd graders.

Joining Mamabyrd in her weekly Impressions post.  Feel free to join us and leave your own either here or there.


  1. What's up with the initials?! I can't believe how much they have both grown. I hope it's a great school year for all of you.

    1. What Julie, you don't know who GJM and LST are? They're the $5 backpacks from Downeast. Someone returned them with the monogramming and if you take it out it leaves really big holes. Anyway, the kids don't care so neither do I, although it has confused quite a few teachers.

    2. I love that you found initials so you really don't have to unpick it. I spent a good four hours this past weekend unpicking the names on Byrdie and Louisa's backpacks. If you're really careful and have the right seam ripper, you can avoid holes--but it takes FOREVER.