Friday, August 8, 2014

Celebrating Pioneer Day in August

The Latter Day Saint Pioneers might have made their first appearance in the Salt Lake Valley on July 24th, 1847, but here in Alabama we don't let silly things like dates get in our way of a great ward party.  We celebrated the Pioneers in true southern style complete with pioneer games, a log sawing contest, homemade ice-cream, and, er, swimming?  It was so hot, truly, I think the pioneers will forgive us for shirking our britches and jumping into the pool once our ice cream settled.

Relief Society Sisters are amazing!! Be it 1847 or 2014.

Beignets...Ok, so these are technically a Louisiana thing, but they are SOOO good I'm sure the pioneers would have eaten them if they'd had powdered sugar.....and a deep fryer.

Miss Gloria.  A year ago she and I met at this very same celebration.  She wasn't a member yet, but she soon took care of that.  She helped me acclimate to the South and I've helped her acclimate to LDS culture.  Both of which take some getting used to.

Poor Saide almost melted.  I think we went through double the plates because so many of us swiped one to use as a fan.

He finally remembered he DID have a friend in Alabama.

I didn't get any "after" pics of the ice cream.  Everyone ate it too fast.  And yes, I tried them all.


I'm not sure who had the fastest time, but that saw is not as easy to operate as it looks.

Sisters on stilts!

 A three legged race.

Where the Marturello children spent the entire party.  I have no photos of them participating in any games because as soon as the pool opened, they were in it.  Can't say that I blame them. It was really HOT!

Alan, doing a flip off the diving board.  

It's come full circle.  At my first Alabama Pioneer Day celebration I remember being seriously depressed.  It was SO hot and we didn't know anyone.  A year later it's still hot, but our ward family has taken us in and made us feel like we belong.

Happy Pioneer Day, All is Well, in August!!

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  1. That looks like a lot of fun, especially the pool and the ice-cream and thanks for the clothes for Eliza. We can't wait to see you guys again.