Thursday, June 26, 2014


It's not summer in Utah without a trip to Lagoon.  The colored hand stamps used to be a badge of honor when I was a kid and we wouldn't wash them off for about a week so EVERYONE would know we had been to Lagoon.

It might seem a little small and hokey after a trip to Disney or Universal, but I think there's a lot to be said for an amusement park where you can go on everything at least twice in one day.  The lines were reasonable for the large rides and non-existent on most of the others.  You don't have to Google any tips on navigating the park beforehand and you can get the entire family in and still have money for the weekly groceries.  It's a summer tradition I don't see us changing any time soon, at least not as long as the white wooden rollercoaster is still standing. 

Aunt Stacey proved to be the favorite on this trip.  She was the one everyone wanted to ride with and she had the most stamina out of all the adults.  We don't know how she goes on all those loopy fast rides!

I believe Lagoon boasts one of the oldest Merry-Go-Rounds in the country,
 still with most of it's original hand painted animals.

I rode in these same boats 35 years ago.  The bell is still a favorite for little hands.

Waiting for the "little kids" to be done in Kiddie Land so they could ride some "real" rides.

Bumper cars proved to be a favorite this year.
 My favorite part of this attraction is how all the parents stand around the gate and yell, "turn your wheel." 
They've been yelling it as long as I can remember.


Ben finally got his magic summer.  The year he's finally able to meet the height requirements for the Jet Star rollercoaster, AND, still fit relatively comfortably on Bulgy the Whale with his little sister.

Our mode of transportation around the park. Tthey toted everything from babies to treats, to sulking 5 year olds.

Grandpa went on the Space Scrambler TWICE.  That's what I call devotion.
 I remember as a kids he used to cram me and all three of my brothers into one car with him. 
One year he got the physics wrong and placed himself on the inside and smooshed us all while we went around and around.

Puff, the kiddie roller coaster.   Beck and Alan were determined to get the last car because it goes "the super fasterest" but some older kids beat them to it.  They settled for "the next superfasterest" instead.

Alan conquered the Colossus this year.  It always amazes me that they let these tiny bodies on these huge rides, but he was thrilled.  In his words it was his "bestest favoritest" .  He always forgets the name, so he just makes a double loop with his finger when he tries to tell anyone who will listen about the ride he went on.


They wouldn't let all ten of us on the same raft.  Even so, we all still got soaked!!

A ride on the White Roller Coaster
Mom and Dad taking their first ride together in a long time.  Usually he doesn't get a pass, but this year he threw caution to the wind.  They waited an extra turn so they could have the very last car.  It's the bestest, remember?

It's always  magical. The lights, the smell of churros, the sounds of the Midway... It's nostalgic, really.  I got my yearly fix of  riding the White Roller Coaster at dusk.  It doesn't feel like summer without it.  We shut down the park and tucked exhausted children into the car for the short drive home.  Until next year,  Lagoon!! 

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  1. Those are some really fun pictures. I love Ben's shirt too--so fitting.