Thursday, June 5, 2014

Re-DIY Teepee

As most of you with children know, sometimes there are casualties.  With two boys co-habitating we have our fair share of "accidents".  The most recent one was a teepee.  It got ripped by the infamous ghost named It Wasn't Me,  and then just started falling apart at the seams.  I was on the lookout for a new sheet to replace it, but it got set in Sadie's room and forgotten.  Last week I found her in it, totally content and playing.  The boys said she'd been in there all morning.  It was then I knew the teepee needed to be re-done and re-gifted.

I googled DIY Teepee again and found the same instructions I'd found before here.  I had made the original for Ben last Christmas and I remembered all the cutting and sewing.  A little too labor intensive for something that would probably just get ripped again.  I was stumped.  Then I  remembered a thrifted shower curtain that we didn't end up needing in the move.  I pulled it out and was just on the verge of cutting it up when I had a moment of brilliance.  What if I turned the shower curtain on point?  I pulled one corner up to the top of the poles and two more corners around the front.  Sure, there's a 'tail' where the fourth corner sticks out the back but I just tucked it under.  Four straight pins and a few stitches later (just to create a small casing and two pockets for the two front poles to slide into) and a teepee for little sister was born.

teepee love

I LOVE the detailing on the shower curtain.  So simple.  I call it 'frilly tribal'.

It's where we find her when she's missing.  

So, there you have it.  I couldn't be more pleased.  Especially since there wasn't any hemming to do.  Sorry there isn't more of a tutorial.  If you're thinking of making one just follow the instructions for the poles from the link above and then find a shower curtain.  Once you turn it on point you can't help but figure out the rest.  It really was that easy.

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  1. What a cozy house for Sadie. It looks like she loves it.