Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cherry Picking

The cherries are thick on grandpa's tree.  We ate our fill last night from the lower branches, but got the ladder out today to get all that precious fruit from the highest branches before the birds claim them.  Grandma JoJo was in her element.  She picked the fastest and the most.  Apparently she was hired by her grandma to pick cherries every summer growing up.  She earned a penny a cherry, but they had to have the stems on them.  I didn't know this about her until today and I'm so glad we got to hear some of her memories while we made some new ones of our own.

We got almost a full bushel and there's still more up there, but it will require "the rickety ladder" as Grandpa Dave calls it.  It will probably just be me going back for more, but I've been told I have to go back if we want cherries for a pie because all the pickers agreed the ones they picked today WILL get eaten. 

We've checked blueberries and cherries off our impromptu summer fruit list.  Peaches are high on the list and I know we'll have those waiting for us in Alabama at the end of the summer.  Do you have a favorite summer fruit?

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