Monday, June 9, 2014

Breakfast of Champions

It's called refrigerator oatmeal.  Dean stumbled across it one night while looking for "power breakfasts" that were also quick, easy, and portable.  Poor Dean, he used to get three meals a day at his hospital, but recently there's been some changes made and Dean's never ending supply of biscuits and gravy, hot banana pudding, and soft serve ice cream was restricted to MD's only.  Instead of complain about it, Dean turned it into a positive.  Since making his own breakfasts and lunches he's down 10 lbs. and feeling great.  

Basically it's oats, fruit of some sort, milk, Greek yogurt, honey, and Chia seeds.  I was skeptical at first, oatmeal should be hot, right? But all it took was one taste and I'm hooked.  It's the perfect breakfast for Sadie and the boys too.   Who knew breakfast in a jar could be so good?  You can find the site we use for most of our recipes here.  

Dean brought home this powdered peanut butter.  It has all the good protein that comes with regular peanut butter, but not as much fat.

Dean makes four jars at a time and then keeps them in the fridge to grab and go.

You can find the plastic mason jar lids at Walmart.

That's right, he makes me breakfast every morning.  (Actually every night, but it's waiting for me in the fridge every morning.)  Now if I could just invent lunch and dinner in a jar!


  1. That does look good. I will have to try that sometime in the future.

  2. Yummy! I love all that stuff separately. I'll bet it's delicious together. Thanks for the tip on those lids. Those will come in handy for freezer jam.