Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Keeping Time

Ben had his first drum lesson last week.  We won the lesson in a silent auction for a Young Women fundraiser.  Ben was SO excited.  He even look alike a rock star with his recent hair cut featuring his summer staple, the Jedi braid.  (It's the ONLY way to convince him to cut his hair.)

He rocked out to Billy Jean, by Michael Jackson and did pretty well.  We left the lesson with two new sticks and the promise to "practice on everything".  (Just what every parent wants to hear.  We'll be buying a drum pad soon.)  The lesson was a great opportunity for Ben to increase his confidence, but also, it gave him a renewed motivation on the piano.  His teacher also plays the organ for our Sacrament services and he kept insisting to Ben that piano playing was vital to the playing of other instruments.  Hooray!!  That's also what every parent wants to hear.

He's got an evolving Christmas list that now includes a drum set and a Michael Jackson CD, or other "rock" music.  He requested his piano teacher bring him "something rock 'n roll" to play.  She's amazing and brought him a book that contains  La Bamba, Surfer Girl, and Lolipop, to name a few, all of which I assured him were rock music...I just didn't tell him in what year.  I hope this new found appreciation of music lasts for a long time.

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