Sunday, June 15, 2014

Dad's Day

A few weeks ago our home teacher asked Dean and I what the hardest part about being parents was.  Without even batting an eye Dean sighed and said, "no free time".  I had to laugh.  It wasn't the answer I had in mind, but as I reflected on this Father's Day,  I realized Dean really doesn't get a lot of time to himself.  

I remember growing up and my mom shooing us out of the house or downstairs around 5:15 so my dad could come home and have some alone time with the swamp cooler attached to their bedroom window.  I'm sure I waited just as anxiously at the top of the stairs, as my three do, to be able to talk to dad.  They ask about him constantly.  And because of his awesome schedule, we've been spoiled the past year with a lot more "dad time", which we love, but even large quantities never seem to satisfy their craving for him. 

When I asked Ben and Alan what they wanted to get Dad for Father's Day Ben said, "Legos, because he never really gets time to build with us and I KNOW that's just what he would want." I knew the top three items on Dean's Father's Day request list were, a nap, a miter saw, and steak for dinner.  I admit I giggled when Dean read Ben's card out loud and got to the part about "remembering the happy times we had building Lego's".

  I'm afraid the nap got x'd from the list when Dean spent the afternoon "happily building Lego's" and grilling his own steak dinner.  Although we do have a new miter saw in the garage and there was homemade blueberry pie for desert.  Plus, we're leaving him to his own devices Tuesday as we wing our way westward.  Two whole weeks of alone time before he's with us again.  I hope he makes the most of it.  He's already assured me he will be spending one entire Saturday in bed.  

Happy Father's Day!!

Some Father's Day highlights...

Happily building Lego's

It's hard to eat corn on the cob with two missing front teeth.

He does hair too

It really was as good as it looks.

Dean's hijacked nap time

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  1. I hope he enjoys all the free time he's going to get. We are anxiously awaiting your arrival.