Sunday, June 1, 2014

Seeing Double

Shhh, I have a secret.  Someone has been looking at Pinterest.  His name starts with  "D" and rhymes with bean.  In the last six months three major projects, a treehouse, a sand and water table, and a desk have materialized at our house due to Pinterest influence.  These projects were all Dean motivated.  I had nothing to do with them until he brought them up.  Should I take away his man card?  He claims he doesn't actually have an account.  You know what I love? Instead of just pinning ideas to a board only to forget about it after he logs out, like someone I know, Dean takes the idea and runs with it.

One desk in the boys' room just wasn't cutting it anymore.  Dean was more frustrated with it than I was.  I didn't want to lose the desk we had in there because it had a massive bookcase attached to the top and book storage is what we really needed.

Dean found this idea while searching Pinterest...

It was then a matter of finding a bookcase and a table, on the cheap, mind you.  Challenge accepted!  
You can see what we started with.  A royal blue bookcase thrifted from the ReStore.  Dean added some crown molding and readjusted the shelves.  The "desk" part took a bit longer.  Finally we found an old solid wood door for $6 and Dean broke down and bought two large dowels that he cut in half and made legs with. A quick paint job with a $5 can of mis-tint gray and voila!  A brand new desk for two.

The chairs I had bought from the library sale with this project in mind work perfectly.  

Ben's Side

Alan's Side

I knew that extra red metal tool box would come in handy someday.  Can you have too many red metal tool boxes?

Finally, a place to draw...

So many Hardy Boys books, so little time...

Alan's art supplies

So, there you have it.  From Pinterest to finished project in a matter of weeks.  Dean screwed in the last leg, sighed, and handed me the paint brush.  "This is my favorite part",  he said.  "The part where I get to turn it over to you."  

Maybe that's why we work so well.  The give and take.  Knowing what each other is best at.  Of course there's the occasional eye roll, especially when another red tool box makes it's way to our house, as it inevitably will, but I'm certain we have many more projects to look forward too.

What's your favorite recent Pinterest project?


  1. Love! Love! Love it! Well done!!

  2. Brooke, this is so great. I can't believe how resourceful you guys are. You pulled this super cute project off for under fifteen bucks. It looks so functional and I bet it looks great in the boys' room. And I love all the little extras, the tool box, the marker holder etc. Great project. Way to Pinterest Dean!