Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Team "Crowder"

 At tryouts earlier this year I happened to mention to one of the other moms that, much to Dean's dismay and sadness, Ben really wasn't a baseball kid.  She smiled and said, "Maybe he just hasn't had the right team."  I took that thought home with me and said a little prayer that this year's team would be just that, a team, where everyone feels important, and valued, and needed.

As we left tryouts I remember Ben telling me he hoped he would get drafted by CJ's dad, Coach Sullivan.  I worried, because I know these coaches are a bit choosy.  Ben's one of the youngest in his league and let's face it, a bit like his mom in the coordination and athletic department.  I needn't have worried.  The call came from Coach Sullivan himself.  He asked to speak to Ben and made sure Ben knew he had specifically chosen him for what he felt he could offer to the team.

This team has turned Ben into a baseball kid.  He was even surprised when he found out two of his teammates had been chosen for the all-star team and he hadn't.  He told Dean that "Coach Sullivan said I'm the most improved, so I should be an all-star too".  Dean's just grateful Ben asks to play catch now.

I still have anxiety every time he's up to bat, and every time a ball is hit to right field (out where the dandelions grow)... but he's hit more than he hasn't and caught more than he's dropped and even scored a home run.  Coach gave him the title of "best bunter" and taught him the value of practice and teamwork.

Thank you, Coach Sullivan (and wife, Sherry).   Thank you for loving these boys more than you love the game.  "Crowder on three, crowder on three, 1, 2, 3, CROWDER!!!!!!

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  1. As I enter the realm of mothering a teenager I am even more grateful for teachers, coaches and leaders who have a great influence on our kids' lives. I'm glad Coach Crowder gave Ben that chance to be on a great team, I hope he's part of some great teams in his future.