Friday, May 29, 2015

The Montgomery Biscuits

A few weekends ago we went with Ben's baseball team to a Montgomery Biscuits game.  The coaches organized it all and made sure everyone and wore their team colors.  The Montgomery Biscuits.  It has to be the most adorable mascot in Minor League baseball.  Dean kept trying to describe it to me on the way up.  He would giggle a little when he said, "the little pat of butter is the tongue, it's the tongue".

Dean got a Biscuit hat to add to his collection, Ben got to be on the "Flex Cam" during the 6th inning, and we all got to enjoy a beautiful night on the Montgomery River.  The stadium used to be an old train station and couldn't be more lovely.  They even have trains still using the tracks behind it.  My favorite moment of the evening?.... meeting the unofficial team mascot, a live pig with a big bow around her neck named, "n'Gravy".   Hahahahaha, biscuits n'gravy!!  I was still laughing on the way home.

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  1. I actually had to stop reading and scroll back up to the top to see the 'butter tongue'..... really is pretty cute.