Thursday, December 26, 2013

Buen Provecho

     We started a new tradition this year.  We made Pupusas, a traditional breakfast or dinner dish from El Slavador, for Christmas dinner.  I don't know why I've never tried before...actually, yes I do.  I made them for my family right after I returned from my mission.  I had every intention of making them again, but then I met Dean and I knew anything I made would be compared to the Pupusas he'd eaten right off the streets of his mission.  There really is no comparison.  I made a mental list of all the things we substituted...
hand ground corn meal flour, for the bagged variety
lard, for coconut oil
quesillo (the gooiest cheese ever, usually hand made the day of), for mozarella
refried beans from scratch, for Rosarita in a can
a comal (a clay griddle over an open flame) for our little electric griddle

     I know someday we'll get back to El Salvador, and buy the deliciousness from the street carts for a quarter. Ours might not taste like theirs, but at least we don't have to worry about which food cart is the most sanitary.  Dean claims it's all the unseen "goodies" that make the Pupusas taste that much better.
Curtido, the pickled cabbage slaw traditionally served with Pupusas

Dean, showing the boys how it's done.

     They say smell is the biggest trigger for memory.  I believe it.  The smell of masa (dough) frying stirred so many memories for both of us.  The boys asked questions and we talked about where they might serve their missions.  

    Christmas dinner gave us a chance to speak some much needed Spanish, and tell funny mission stories.  The boys tried a new dish and Dean and I cooked together, something we should do more often.  A tradition worth keeping.  Buen Provecho!

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