Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

 I'm a copy cat.  It's undeniable.  I don't have many original ideas, but I do like to be creative.  Thank goodness for Pinterest and AMAZINGLY creative friends who provide me with their ideas so I can harness my creativity.  One friend in particular has provided me with a steady flow of ideas and patterns and information for the last 7 years.
     It is she who came up with this adorable, simple, sweater pants idea.  They're from a thrifted cahsmere sweater, and in her words, "it makes you want to cuddle your little one more."  As I was looking at this picture I realized that everything, and I mean everything, from the amber teething necklace, to my love of Hannah Andersen, to the leather purple moccasins, and obviously to the sweater pants, has been a direct inspiration from her.  I call it inspiration, you might call it plagiarism, but it really is meant as a compliment.

 Best boots ever and a steal at $11, shipping included.  I cherish the early morning phone calls from my friend.  We get to chat, which I love, but it also usually means she's found a fantastic bargain!

Sadly, I left her behind in the move.  I miss her.  Thanks to technology her ideas and creativity are just a blog away.  Thank you for sharing, sweet friend! 


  1. Well, I am flattered! It's so good to have a friend with mutual interests and similar taste. It means I can steal all of your great ideas and your fashion style (there are days that I get dressed and I just feel like a Brooke twinner). And I'm totally planning on stealing your tree ornament idea--love that one. But Sadie looks adorable--you know we really could do a triplet photo with their boots, sweater pants and stripey dresses. The pants turned out great--aren't they wonderful? I miss you too--especially at knitting groups. It's not the same without you.

  2. This post even made me a bit emotional, still can't figure out how to post a comment when no one else has, so I just patiently wait to tag on after someone else. Hope your holiday's are great, maybe Santa will bring you something special in the mail!?! Love the friend you are the great mother I admire, until later.