Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Break Reflections

(Dean made the small book holder for our bench in the hall.  A-man can't get enough.)

      I was busy putting up the last of the Christmas decorations yesterday afternoon when I realized the house had become suspiciously quiet.  For those of you with young children still at home you know the feeling.  You frantically run around trying to account for everyone, (and the messes they've made/trouble they've gotten into.)  I'm happy to report that all were happy and healthy and not being naughty, mostly....
 A rare cat nap for Benjo

Guess who found the nativities?

Dean and Lil' Sis sneaking a peek at THE game.  

(For those of you who don't live in Southern Alabama the Iron Bowl means nothing, but when you actually live in SEC territory the annual match up between Alabama and Auburn is something you are literally forced to pay attention to.  It's like a religion here and you had better have a team and know what you are talking about if you have any hope of fitting in.  As a side note, I personally had no knowledge of what most of these words meant up until six months ago.)

     I just knew there was some trouble being made.  If I ever get this stocking made it will be a miracle. 
Three balls of yarn are just sooooo tempting when you're little.

Everyone needs a lazy day, I just wish they had all told me and I could have grabbed a nap too.

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  1. I looove the stocking! Good job! They will all look so great together--in all their granny acrylicness. Oooo, and that suitcase for the computer is brilliantly vintage.